5 ways to pamper your mom on Mother’s Day!

    5 ways to pamper your mom on Mother’s Day!


    We all love our moms. She has always been around no matter how exhausted she is.  On Mother’s Day, let us give her a break from the mundane routine. Let us do our bit to pamper her and make her feel extra special.  Here are 5 ways to go about it!


    Begin with an elaborate breakfast in bed

    Don't let her step out of the bed. Make the most scrumptious spread by simply whisking a nice omelet of her choice and a refreshing juice using Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix King Hand blender.

    A day off from the chores and cooking!
    Give her a day off from her routine. No cooking or chores of any kind. Just let her indulge in anything she likes. After all this is her day!

     Surprise her with a special gift.
     It could be a picture of a special memory that you share with her or a piece of jewellery she was saving for. And don't forget to get her the flowers. Every woman loves them!

    Take her out for a spa!
    Does your mom dream of going to that great spa but never finds the time? This is your opportunity to take her out and give her all that she needs to rejuvenate and refresh herself.  And if she doesn’t want that, may be an all paid trip to a beauty parlour would definitely give her some ‘me time’.


    Cook her a special dinner

    While moms are the best cooks in the family, it won’t hurt to test your own skills by preparing any of these super quick recipes using Maharaja Whiteline Recipe Bites videos here.


    So go ahead and make your mom’s day a lot more special!